Get Started with Yahoo Product Ads

Follow these steps to create your first product ad on Yahoo.

Begin by Connecting an Account

To start advertising on Yahoo properties, you’ll have two ways.

If you connect to your Yahoo Native account, there are only two steps to go after logining through the popup window.

  1. Select an advertiser account you would like to use.

  1. Choose the products you want to promote.

Create Your Campaign

For new users, follow these steps to create your campaign in seconds.

  1. Set up campaign

Set up Your Payment

  1. Click Add credit card button.
  2. Enter your card number, holder’s name and other required card information.
  3. Click Submit.

Launch Your Campaign

You’re all set! Your campaign will launch automatically within 24 hours.

Review Campaign Performance

Go to the Dashboard to review your campaign performance. You can see the overall ads clicks, ads impressions, number of conversions, total spend, and ROAS. The ad performance for individual products is also available.


Update Campaign Settings

Come back to the Campaign tab anytime to update your campaign settings.

Check the product upload status

The selected products will be automatically uploaded to Yahoo Product Ads servers within 24 hours. You can view the latest upload status here.

If your products were rejected, you can download the error report here and review the reason for the errors.

Where Your Ads Run

Your ads will run on all of Yahoo’s properties and displayed on all devices, including desktop, tablets and smartphones.  Some of Yahoo properties include Yahoo, HuffPost, Rivals, and AOL.

Review Process for Your Ad

We review ads as quickly and efficiently as possible in a way that’s designed to minimize wait times for advertisers. This means that sometimes ads appear briefly before being reviewed by our team. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you receive an email stating your ad is “non-compliant and will not appear on Yahoo,” it may mean that your ad is under review for a possible policy violation. Yahoo has policies and restrictions for ads that appear on our site. These policies aim to make users feel safe and comfortable on our sites.


How does pricing work?

With Cost-per-Click (CPC) pricing, you only pay for ads that bring shoppers to your store, so you can maximize return on ad spend with our free-to-use app.

How does the integration work?

Shopify store owners download the Yahoo Product Ads app and link their Shopify account to start within minutes.

How many accounts can each shopify store create?

Every shopify store login can only open one self-serve account. If a store uninstalls and re-install our app, our app will link to the original account that was created.

What are the creative guidelines for my ads?

Merchants must adhere to Yahoo’s ad policies and guidelines, which details our ad specifications.

Are the ads of turnkey quality?

We plug into your product feed. You tell us which products to promote, and we create dynamic ads that you can customize. No pixel or tag creation is necessary. That’s turnkey quality.

How can I track ad results?

You can track results with the Yahoo real-time dashboard that provides you with valuable performance data.

What kind of results can I expect?

We consistently produce results for Shopify stores, with several enjoying return-on-ad-spend from $5 to $15. That’s $15 of sales for every ad dollar spent.

How do I get product support?

We’re here to help. Your ideas, feedback and suggestions are important to us. Contact us at